TerraBox is proud to announce that after a long hiatus we are back online and better than ever with our original mission in mind. Our goal is to bring enterprise class reliability to SMBs and individual users at a price that is affordable while maintaining a minimal impact to our environment. 

Our technical expertise is hard to match with over 25 years of enterprise IT services experience. From simple web sites to public and private clouds we can help you cut your costs and environmental impact without the expense of running your own servers or datacenters.

  All of our equipment is refurbished to minimize cost and extend the life of equipment that would normally go to a recycling center or worse yet often times to a landfill. Every component is carefully tested prior to entering service and is continually monitored for potential failure. All aspects of the systems are run in a high availability configuration in order to minimize the disruption of any hardware failure. By doing this we can pass on the savings of refurbished equipment to you. Our preferred equipment is gen8 HP Enterprise coupled with 10Gb+ Cisco Nexus switches in a fully redundant architecture.

Our current offerings are basic website hosting, domain registration, and private/public cloud services.   Accessing our public and private cloud services requires approval and activation by our staff along with a pre-pay deposit amount that your usage will be charged against.

  • Webhosting (Plesk)
  • Domain Registration (OpenSRS)
  • Compute (Nova)
  • Network Security (Neutron + OpenVSwitch)
  • Bootable Images (Glance)
  • Load Balancers (Octavia)
  • Object Storage (Swift via CephFS)
  • Persistent Block storage (Cinder)
  • Secrets and PKI (Barbican)
  • DNS (Designate)
  • HA Host and VMs (Masakari)

We have other services and systems planned and will be rolling them out over time as they are implemented. If there is a service that can be provided by an open source system that you are interested in and we have not implemented it yet, please let us know and we will prioritize it over other systems. Our tasklist of services is as follows.

  • SSL Certificates (OpenSRS)
  • Monitoring ( Monasca)
  • Alarming(Aodh)
  • Shared Filesystem (Manilla)
  • Indexing & Search (Searchlight)
  • Clustering (Senlin)
  • Workflow (Mistral)
  • Messaging (Zaqar)
  • Resource Reservations (Blazar)
  • Container orchestration (Magnum)
  • Databases (Trove)
  • HA Services (Freezer)

We'll tackle big data and other projects as the need arises.

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