DNSaaS via Designate is online

DNSaaS has exited it's beta testing stage and is now generally available to TerraBox.com customers. We are currently working on integrating our Plesk and registrar solutions with Designate so that all customers can enjoy the control and reliability of Designate.

6th Ápr 2022
Swift migration to distributed Ceph storage complete

Swift has been retired as a solution and all content and services have been migrated over to Ceph storage. As Ceph is backwards compatible with swift there is no need to change your applications.

6th Ápr 2022
Masakari deployed and operational

We have completed the deployment of Masakari in our openstack clusters. Masakari provides HA capabilities to our customer VMs to ensure that your workloads stay online and available at all times. This protection has been extended to our gaming servers as well at no cost to our game hosting customers.

6th Ápr 2022
Beta testing complete.

We're proud to announce that we have exited our game hosting beta testing phase for Minecraft, Ark Survival Evolved, and several other game servers. All game servers are on fault tolerant VMs backed by fast ceph storage and managed by Application management Portal service. This means that even if the physical server your game is on dies a horrible ... Több... »

18th Márc 2022
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